Case Collectors Club Magazines

One of the ways that we keep our Club members informed is through our full-color magazine, aptly named, The Case Collector. This publication contains in-depth articles about the history of Case and information on Case products (old and new). Flipping through the pages, you’ll find interviews with collectors and Case employees, introductions to new Case patterns, Case Consumer Event updates, Junior member highlights, and helpful tips on knife collecting.

This magazine (delivered quarterly) is just one benefit of being in the Case Collectors Club®. If you are not yet a member and are interested in receiving a copy, please call us at 888-442-1932. We’d be happy to send you a copy.

Sample Articles

2012 Volume II, Pages 14-15 (Download a PDF)

2014 Volume IV, Pages 4-5 (Download a PDF)

2015 Volume II, Pages 8-9 (Download a PDF)

2017 Volume III, Pages 10-11 (Download a PDF)

2017 Volume II, Pages 14-15 (Download a PDF)