Case Factory Tours

As a Case Collectors Club® member, you and a guest can take a tour of the Case factory located in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Guests are welcome to tour on Monday mornings between the months of March through November beginning at 9 am. In order to tour the factory, Club members must be pre-registered one week in advance. Tours slots are limited, so you are encouraged to plan ahead.

While walking through the factory, safety remains our utmost concern. Guests must remain with the tour guide at all times and must stay in designated aisles. Purses, cell phones, cameras, camera bags, fanny packs, smoking, and pets are not permitted while touring. Additional safety precautions are noted below and must be followed at all times:

For Your Safety:

  • Safety glasses and ear protection will be provided and must be worn.
  • Only closed toe shoes covering the entire foot will be permitted. No open toe shoes, sandals, low cut shoes, or high heels (Maximum 1” heel height). Sneakers and rubber soled loafers are acceptable shoes to wear.
  • Hair that hangs below shoulder length needs to be secured (above shoulders). This includes facial hair.
  • Pants must cover the entire leg. Shorts are not permitted on the production floor.
  • No dangling or loose jewelry or clothing.

To schedule a personal tour of the Case factory, call 814-368-2926.